Born July 30th 2001 in Brighton England. Louie is a sensitive artist. His LOVE of Music, Rap, Poetry, and Performance fuels an endless creative appetite, he regularly performs around LA, including open mic in Watts.

How Sleepie Louie got here

2019 saw Louie working and compiling a series of Singles and an Album due to be released June of 2020. Louie is an unusual Artist who is unpredictable in his choices and that coupled with loads of Charisma makes him exciting to watch!

Louie attended school in England up until 2011 he then came that summer to LA USA. While attending school in LA he pursued his love of Dance initially in Little Armenia at a Ball Room Dance Studio. After a year he transferred to Debbie Allen Dance Academy where he spent 3 years doing Ballet, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Modern and Tap Dance. Around this time Louie also started voice lessons.

While at DADA Louie simultaneously attended Lee Strasberg Youth program which he did for 3 years and then attended Get Lit poetry organization for 2 years. At present he is at Slauson Rec an experimental Theatre Dance program formed by Shia La Beouf and Bobby Soto, attended by invite only.

Louie in 2018 spent 3 weeks at NuVu innovation school MIT Cambridge Boston where he and fellow student Zach Belizaire, created a ‘Smart Shell’, user audio sense memory. In the summer of 2019 Louie attended Stanford digital media academy for 2 weeks and Berkeley songwriting summer program.  

He was a founding student at his high school Tree Academy for the Creative arts, New Technology, and Social justice (founded by Paul Cummins) where his passion for his writing, music, and performance has inspired many students and teachers over the past 4 years.

Louie does volunteer work with EYIKES a non profit organization which annually hosts the Jamaican independence Day in Skid Row where they bring Music food and Performances to the homeless. Louie has enthusiastically partaken in helping for the last 2 years.

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My First Song

(Written in 2014)

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