Alien Homosapien

Song Notes

This track was partially inspired by Dr. Octagon and deals with feeling like an outsider, and the idea that everybody shares aspects of alienation. I wrote and performed the lyrics, played the theremin, and produced the beat. I performed this song at the Cal Arts Hip Hop Lab.

Lyrics (Scroll)

Song Notes

This song is about feeling like an outsider. It has to do with reality and struggling to find yourself while falling through the cracks in society. It also deals with the idea of a few leaders dictating our lives and trying to divide us, and the idea of free will. At the same time, it speaks to a universal human experience.

Bars-1-5 0:00-0:10
At the beginning of the song, I introduce a wet dingy bass line and synth chord. These 4 bars, consisting of two bars of moving bass notes and two bars of one held out chord, continue for the majority of the song. The bass line jumps from a low F up to an E twice, building tension, then falls to a G while the synth plays G, D and E. I also sampled my theremin making a chirping noise by turning it on and recording the boot-up pop in Ableton. You hear this for the first time with delay on it two beats before verse one.

Verse 1
Bars-5-16 0:10-0:44
The drums and vocals enter. The drum beat starts out sparse, and on bar 13, it gets going and adds a shaker sound on constant 8th notes to keep a stronger pulse. In bar 16, the theremin from the chorus transitions in.

Chorus 1
Bars 17-24 0:44-1:07 - Chorus part 1 Bars 17-20 After the vocals build intensity at the end of verse one into the chorus, the beat clears out somespace and becomes more sparse. The bassline and synth chord is replaced by a smaller 8thnote synth bassline. A different, distorted drum track takes over. I played the theremin parts ona Moog theremin using its partial built-in autotune and looped them.

Chorus part 2
Bars 21-24

The theremin line changes for the second half of the chorus, and the bassline changes toascending whole notes. I also bring back the synth chord to transition back into the verse.

Verse 2 Bars 25-36 1:07-1:40
Everything drops out for the first two bars of verse 2 except for vocals and a noisy, gaseous hi hat type sound that accents the line “​while he coughs and snorts and laughs and gags on gas.”Then, ​the verse beat comes in again with a strong hit on beat 1 and stays pretty steady throughout. At bar 33, the last 4 bars of the verse build as they did in verse 1. Chorus 2

Bars 37-45 1:40-2:02
Chorus 2 is similar to chorus 1. However, the theremin lines are different and I keep the verse bassline going over the 8th note bassline in the first half of the chorus instead of the ascending bassline in the second half, making this chorus feel bigger. The song ends on beat one after the chorus with the sampled power up noise and the theremin melody’s delay tail.